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Governing Privacy in Knowledge Commons

Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo, Brett M. Frischmann, Katherin J. Strandburg

Governing Privacy in Knowledge Commons is a fascinating collection of essays exploring how people negotiate privacy in various contexts within communities. The book deftly interweaves theory and specific examples. The editors have brought together a set of rich and nuanced contributions to understanding the social complexities of privacy.

Last Updated: March 1, 2021


Governing Privacy in Knowledge Commons explores how privacy impacts knowledge production, community formation, and collaborative governance in diverse contexts, ranging from academia and IoT, to social media and mental health. Using nine new case studies and a meta-analysis of previous knowledge commons literature, the book integrates the Governing Knowledge Commons framework with Helen Nissenbaum's Contextual Integrity framework. The multidisciplinary case studies show that personal information is often a key component of the resources created by knowledge commons. Moreover, even when it is not the focus of the commons, personal information governance may require community participation and boundaries. Taken together, the chapters illustrate the importance of exit and voice in constructing and sustaining knowledge commons through appropriate personal information flows. They also shed light on the shortcomings of current notice-and-consent style regulation of social media platforms. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

    • Expands and clarifies the Governing Knowledge Commons (GKC) framework to address privacy, legitimacy, exit, and voice
    • Introduces the GKC theory using accessible explanations and examples
    • Explores the parallels between the GKC framework and Contextual Integrity (CI) framework


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