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Advertising & Marketing Law: Cases and Materials (5th Edition)

Rebecca Tushnet and Eric Goldman

This is the 5th edition of the Advertising and Marketing: Cases and Materials casebooke. If you would like a free PDF version, email a copy of your purchase to author and Professor Goldman ( and he will email you a PDF at no extra cost.

Last Updated: August 1, 2020


From one of the authors, Eric Goldman:

"Rebecca Tushnet and I are pleased to announce the fifth edition of our casebook, Advertising & Marketing Law: Cases & Materials. It is available for purchase in the following formats:

* A DRM-free PDF file. Price: $12
* In Kindle. Price: $9.99
Print-on-demand hard copy from Amazon. Price is $30 + shipping and tax. Buyers of the hard copy can also get a free PDF file by emailing me a copy of their receipt showing which edition they bought.

If you are a professor, or are hoping to teach the course, and would like a free evaluation copy, please email me (

A sample chapter, Chapter 14 (on publicity rights and endorsements), is available as a free download. We also have an online-only chapter, Chapter 19, providing deeper coverage of housing advertisements and political advertising (also a free download).

We’ve discussed the book’s background and our goals as authors in this essay."

What Does the Book Cover?

Chapter 1: Overview
Chapter 2: What is an Advertisement?
Chapter 3: False Advertising Overview
Chapter 4: Deception
Chapter 5: Which Facts Matter? Reasonable Consumers and Materiality
Chapter 6: Omissions and Disclosures
Chapter 7: Special Topics in Competitor Lawsuits
Chapter 8: Consumer Class Actions
Chapter 9: False Advertising Practice and Remedies
Chapter 10: Other Business Torts
Chapter 11: Copyrights
Chapter 12: Brand Protection and Usage
Chapter 13: Competitive Restrictions
Chapter 14: Featuring People in Ads
Chapter 15: Privacy
Chapter 16: Promotions
Chapter 17: The Advertising Industry Ecosystem–Intermediaries and Their Regulation
Chapter 18: Case Studies in Health and Environmental Claims
Chapter 19 (online only): Case Studies in Housing and Political Advertising Regulation


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