Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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Compendium Chapters


Compendium Chapters


The Compendium’s chapter scheme addresses the following key areas:


• Background on U.S. Copyright Office and general copyright law (Chapter 100).


• Overview of the registration process (Chapter 200).


• What is copyrightable (Chapter 300).


• Who may file an application for copyright registration, and distinguishing between applicants, claimants, and correspondents (Chapter 400).


• What may be or is covered by a registration and legal concepts relating to the authorship and ownership of joint works, works made for hire, derivative works, compilations, and collective works (Chapter 500).


• How to complete an application, including general categories of works and standards for examination (Chapter 600).


• Guidance regarding the copyrightability and registrability of literary works, works of the performing arts, and visual art works (Chapters 700, 800, and 900).


• Guidance regarding the copyrightability and registrability of websites and website content (Chapter 1000).


• When and how to register multiple works with one application, one filing fee, and one set of deposit copies (Chapter 1100).


• When and how to register mask works and vessel designs (Chapters 1200 and 1300).


• Types of applications and filing fees (Chapter 1400).


• Identifying and filing proper deposit copies for registration and mandatory deposit (Chapter 1500).


• Conditions for, benefits of, and processes for preregistration (Chapter 1600).


• How to request reconsideration of a refusal of a registration (Chapter 1700).


• How to modify a registration record, such as correcting or amplifying the information in a certificate of registration, cancelling a copyright registration, or asserting an adverse claim to copyright (Chapter 1800).


• Guidance on the meaning of publication and how to determine if a work is published (Chapter 1900).


• Registering a foreign work (Chapter 2000).


• How to seek a renewal registration for works first published or registered before January 1, 1978 (Chapter 2100).


• Copyright notice and the works that are subject to the notice requirement (Chapter 2200).


• Recording documents related to copyright ownership, notices of termination, and other documents that the Office records under Title 17 (Chapter 2300).


• Accessing and obtaining Office records and other Office services (Chapter 2400).


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