Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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808.8 (A) Editing

808.8 (A) Editing

The term “editing” refers to the authorship involved in selecting the takes and shots from a motion picture, and splicing them into sequences to achieve continuity and the desired dramatic, comedic, or thematic effect. This term also may be used to describe the authorship involved in revising a preexisting motion picture, such as deleting scenes, reworking footage or the soundtrack, or adding new footage, artwork, sounds, or narration.

For example, reworking a preexisting film for rerelease by making various cuts, adding outtakes, and adding new soundtrack material is a derivative work of the original film. Likewise, adding additional archival footage and photographs to a preexisting documentary is a derivative work of the original documentary.

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