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808.10 (F) (1) Scripts Contained in a Motion Picture Soundtrack


808.10 (F) (1) Scripts Contained in a Motion Picture Soundtrack


A script is incorporated into the soundtrack of a motion picture. A motion picture may be made using a script that was written as a work made for hire, or using a preexisting script that is separately owned from the motion picture. If the copyrights in the script and the motion picture are separately owned, each work may be registered with a separate application.


If the screenwriter independently created the script and then transferred the copyright to the party that owns the copyright in the motion picture, the script may be registered with the motion picture. In this situation, the screenwriter should be named as an author of the script, but not as a claimant. In addition, the applicant should provide a transfer statement that explains how the claimant obtained the copyright in the script, such as “by written agreement.”


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