Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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807.4 Fixation of Audiovisual Works

807.4 Fixation of Audiovisual Works

To be protected by copyright, an audiovisual work must be fixed in a tangible medium of expression. See 17 U.S.C. § 101. Audiovisual works may be fixed in copies and generally they are fixed in one or more of the following electronic or hard copy formats:

• Machines, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, and arcade consoles.

• Machine readable copies, such as CD-ROMs, hard drives, and flashdrives.

• Discs or tapes, such as Blu-ray, DVD, or videotape.

• Videogame discs and cartridges for consoles with dedicated hardware.

• Server hosted digital files.

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