Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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805.3 (D) Forms of Fixation for Choreographic Works

805.3 (D) Forms of Fixation for Choreographic Works 805.3 (D) (1) Dance Notation

Dance notation may be used to represent the precise movement of the dancers in a choreographic work. Examples of dance notation systems include Labanotation (which employs abstract symbols), Benesh Dance Notation (which employs stick figures), among other systems. See generally Ann Hutchinson Guest, CHOREO-GRAPHICS: A COMPARISON OF DANCE NOTATION SYSTEMS FROM THE FIFTEENTH CENTURY TO THE PRESENT (1989).

While dance notation may be used to fix a choreographic work, the notational system itself is a system that is not eligible for copyright protection under Section 102 (B) of the Copyright Act.

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