Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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801 What This Chapter Covers

801 What This Chapter Covers

This Chapter covers issues related to the examination and registration of works of the performing arts, and the legal standards for the copyrightability and registrability of such works. Issues pertaining to the copyrightability and registrability of works in general are discussed in the following Chapters:

• For a general overview of the registration process, see Chapter 200.

• For a general discussion of copyrightable subject matter, see Chapter 300.

• For a discussion of who may file an application, see Chapter 400.

• For guidance in identifying the work that the applicant intends to register, see Chapter 500.

• For a discussion of examination practices by field/space of a basic application, see Chapter 600.

• For guidance on the filing fee, see Chapter 1400.

• For guidance on submitting the deposit copy(ies), see Chapter 1500.

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