Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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625.2 (D) Shipping Slips for Mailing Physical Deposit Copy(ies) to Accompany an Online Application


625.2 (D) Shipping Slips for Mailing Physical Deposit Copy(ies) to Accompany an Online Application


When submitting an online application, the applicant may upload the deposit copy(ies) through the U.S. Copyright Office’s electronic registration system, provided the work is not subject to best edition requirements and provided that the work meets one or more of the requirements set forth in Chapter 1500, Section 1507.2. For a discussion of the best edition requirements, see Chapter 1500, Section 1504.


When required to submit physical deposit copy(ies), the applicant may submit the deposit copy(ies) by mail, commercial carrier (such as Federal Express or United Parcel Service), courier, or hand delivery to the Public Information Office. When submitting the deposit copy(ies) using one of these methods, the applicant must attach a shipping slip to the deposit copy(ies) to ensure that they will be paired with the online application. 37 C.F.R. § 202.3 (B) (2) (I) (D).


To create a shipping slip the applicant must click the Create Shipping Slip button at the bottom of the Case Summary screen, then click the shipping slip link that appears in the Send By Mail field. The applicant must print a copy of the shipping slip and attach it to each of the deposit copy(ies).


The effective date of registration for claims submitted by mail, commercial carrier, courier, or hand delivery will be determined based on the date that the Office receives the deposit copy(ies) together with the corresponding shipping slip. Failure to attach the shipping slip to each deposit copy(ies) will prevent the copy(ies) from being paired with the online application and may require the applicant to resubmit the deposit copy(ies) to the Office, which in turn, will delay the effective date of registration.


For additional information concerning this procedure, see Chapter 1500, Section 1508.2.


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