Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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622.1 Rights and Permissions Information


622.1 Rights and Permissions Information


The applicant may provide the name, address, and other contact information for the person and/or organization that should be contacted for permission to use the work. Providing this information is optional and an application will be accepted even if this portion of the application is left blank.


The applicant may provide rights and permissions information in an online application on the Rights and Permissions Information screen. Currently, there is no space for this information on the paper applications.


The applicant may provide as much or as little information as the applicant prefers. For example, the applicant may provide the name of the person and/or organization who may be contacted for permission to use the work, along with the street address, telephone number, fax number, and email address (if any) for that person or organization. If the applicant prefers not to provide personally identifiable information, the applicant may provide the name and address for a third party agent or a post office box number in lieu of a street address.


If the applicant provides rights and permissions information on the application, that information will appear on the certificate of registration, which will be made available to the public upon request. In addition, rights and permissions information will appear in the online public record for the work, which can be accessed by anyone who performs a search for the work on the U.S. Copyright Office’s website.


Once a certificate of registration has been issued, the author, claimant, or their authorized representative may ask the Office to remove or replace this information in the online public record (but not the offline public record). To do so, the requesting party must submit a written request in the form of an affidavit, and must pay the appropriate fee for this service. For more information on this procedure, see Chapter 1800, Section 1805.


For a general discussion of privacy issues, see Chapter 200, Section 205.


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