Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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621.8 (C) (2) Paper Applications: Space 6 (B)

621.8 (C) (2) Paper Applications: Space 6 (B)

When completing a paper application, the applicant should identify the new authorship that is owned by the copyright claimant that the applicant intends to register. This statement should be provided in space 6 (B) under the heading Material Added to This Work.

The applicant should only assert a claim in material created by the author(s) named in the application that is owned by the copyright claimant. The applicant should not assert a claim in material that is not owned by the claimant, material that will not be submitted for registration, or material that does not appear in the deposit copy(ies). Likewise, the applicant should not assert a claim in any material that is uncopyrightable or de minimis. For information concerning claims in uncopyrightable or de minimis material, see Sections 621.9 (E) and 621.9 (F).

As a general rule, the U.S. Copyright Office may accept any of the terms listed below or any combination of those terms, provided that they accurately describe the new authorship being claimed. In some cases, the Office may accept variant forms of these terms. If the statement provided in space 6 (B) is contradicted by the information provided in the deposit copy(ies) or elsewhere in the registration materials, the registration specialist may communicate with the applicant.

For a definition and discussion of the following terms, see Section 618.4 (C). For representative examples that demonstrate how to complete space 6 (B), see Section 621.8 (E).

Literary Work / Form TX

• Text

• Artwork

• Photograph(s)

• Computer program

Work of the Visual Arts / Form VA

• 2-D artwork

• Photograph

• Jewelry design

• Sculpture

• Technical drawing

• Map

Work of the Performing Arts / Form PA

• Music

• Lyrics

• Musical arrangement

• Text

• Choreographic work

• Pantomime

Sound recording / Form SR

• Sound recording

Motion Picture or Audiovisual Work / Form PA

• Additional new footage

• Revisions / additions to script

• Production as a motion picture

• All other cinematographic material

Single Serial Issue (i.e., a single issue of a serial publication) / Form SE

• Collective work authorship

• Collective work authorship and component work(s) authored or fully owned by the Collective Work Author

NOTE: As discussed in Section 621.8 (A), the information that the applicant provides in space 6 (B) should be identical to the information that the applicant provides in space 2, but this portion of the application should be completed only if unclaimable material has been excluded from the claim in space 6 (A). If the work does not contain an appreciable amount of unclaimable material, spaces 6 (A) and 6 (B) of the application may be left blank.

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