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620.10 (D) (2) (A) Anonymous and Pseudonymous Works


620.10 (D) (2) (A) Anonymous and Pseudonymous Works


If the names provided in the fields/spaces for the Name of Author and the Name of Claimant are different, and if the applicant does not provide a transfer statement, the registration specialist may register the claim if the claimant is an individual and if the applicant checked the box indicating that the work is anonymous or pseudonymous. In this situation, the specialist will conclude that the applicant provided the author’s real name in the Name of Claimant field/space and concealed the author’s identity in the Name of Author field/space by stating “anonymous” or by providing the author’s pseudonym.




• An application is submitted naming Baby Hog as the author of a pictorial work, and naming John Hodges as the copyright claimant. The Pseudonymous box has been checked, but a transfer statement has not been provided. The specialist may register the claim without communicating with the applicant because it appears that the author and the claimant may be the same individual.


For a detailed discussion of anonymous and pseudonymous works, see Sections 615.1 and 615.2.


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