Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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620.10 (C) (2) Transfer of One or More – but Less than All – of the Rights under Copyright

620.10 (C) (2) Transfer of One or More – but Less than All – of the Rights under Copyright

As discussed in Section 619.1, the author of the work or a person or entity that owns all of the rights under copyright are the only parties entitled to be named as a copyright claimant. If the transfer statement states or suggests that the copyright claimant is a party that owns some – but less than all – of the exclusive rights, a nonexclusive licensee, or any other party that does not own all the rights under copyright, the registration specialist will communicate with the applicant.

The following are examples of statements that may indicate that the claimant does not own all of the rights in the copyright:


• Agreement to prepare derivative work.

• By consent.

• By consignment.

• By designation.

• By grant of contractual right to claim legal title in an application for copyright registration.

• By lease.

• By license.

• By permission.

• By purchase of option.

• By release.

• By request.

• By right of first refusal.

• Dedicated to.

• Adaptation rights.

• Broadcast rights.

• Display rights.

• Distribution rights.

• Motion picture rights.

• Performing rights.

• Publication rights.

• Reproduction rights.

• Serial rights.

• By transfer of all rights, except the exclusive right of performance (or the like).

• By transfer of all United States rights in videogame, except right to create hand held version of the work.

• By transfer of all rights in the United Kingdom (or the like).

• By transfer of worldwide rights, except for copyright in the United States of America.

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