Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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618.4 (D) Examples for Completing the Author Created Field and the Nature of Authorship Space

618.4 (D) Examples for Completing the Author Created Field and the Nature of Authorship Space

This Section provides representative examples for completing the Author Created field in the online application, as well as the Nature of Authorship space in the paper application.

• Online application for a novella.

Author Created: text.

• Online application for a travel book containing photographs and written descriptions of tourist attractions.

Author Created: text, photograph(s).

• Online application for a slide presentation containing text and photographs.

Author Created: text, photograph(s).

Author Created/Other: Audiovisual material.

• Online application for a graphic novel.

Author Created: 2-D artwork.

Author Created/Other: Text.

• Online application for etched and raised design on the surface of a pocket knife.

Author Created/Other: Etched and sculptural authorship applied to pocket knife.

• Online application for a blueprint that depicts the specifications for a new product.

Author Created: Technical drawing.

• Online application for the design of a house.

Author Created: Architectural work.

• Online application for a sound recording released on a CD containing liner notes, drawings, and photographs. Author Created: sound recording.

Author Created/Other: text of liner notes, artwork, photographs (and possibly compilation of sound recordings).

• Online application for a musical. Author Created: music, lyrics. Author Created/Other: script.

• Online application for a multimedia kit containing text, illustrations, multiple sound recordings, and a video presentation.

Author Created: sound recording.

Author Created/Other: text, artwork, audiovisual material.

• Paper application for a treatment for a documentary.

Nature of Authorship: treatment.

• Paper application for an educational workbook containing lessons, illustrations, and photographs.

Nature of Authorship: text, artwork, and photographs.

• Paper application for a stuffed animal.

Nature of Authorship: 3-dimensional sculpture.

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