Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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612.6 (C) ISBN, ISSN, and Other Standard Numbers

612.6 (C) ISBN, ISSN, and Other Standard Numbers

If an ISBN, ISSN, or other standard number has been assigned to the work, the applicant is strongly encouraged to include that number in the application. If this information is provided in the appropriate field it will appear on the certificate of registration, and in the case of an ISBN or ISSN, the number also will appear in the online public record for that work. This will assist in the identification of the work and may facilitate licensing.

The following standard numbers are currently available in the online application:

• International Standard Book Number (“ISBN”).

• International Standard Serial Number (“ISSN”).

• International Standard Audiovisual Number (“ISAN”).

• International Standard Music Number (“ISMN”).

• International Standard Musical Work Code (“ISWC”).

• International Standard Recording Code (“ISRC”).

• International Standard Text Code (“ISTC”).

• Entertainment Identifier Registry (“EIDR”).

When completing the Publication / Completion screen in the online application, the applicant should select the appropriate prefix from the drop down menu marked “International Standard Number Type,” and provide the relevant number in the field marked “International Standard Number.” Forms TX, PA, VA, SR, and SE do not contain a specific space for providing a standard number, but this information may be provided in space 1.

The U.S. Copyright Office will not review the standard number to determine if it matches any number(s) appearing on the deposit copy(ies). Therefore, applicants should confirm that the number has been entered correctly.

The Office does not assign standard numbers for works of authorship. In the United States, ISBNs, ISSNs, and other standard numbers are administered by the following organizations:

• ISBN: R.R. Bowker LLC (

• ISSN: The Library of Congress (


• ISMN: The Library of Congress (


• ISRC: The Recording Industry Association of America (

• ISTC: International ISTC Agency (

• EIDR: Entertainment Identifier Registry (

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