Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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605.3 (E) Oral Communications

605.3 (E) Oral Communications

If the registration specialist has questions concerning the registration materials, he or she may attempt to resolve the issue by telephone. If so, the specialist will attempt to contact the person specified in the Correspondent field/space of the application using the telephone number provided in the application.

Before speaking with an individual who is not listed in the application, the specialist will confirm that the individual has been authorized to discuss the claim by the correspondent and/or the copyright claimant.

In all cases, the specialist will document the conversation by adding a note to the registration record identifying the name of the individual that he or she spoke with and the date of the conversation. If the specialist adds information to or amends information within the registration record based on an oral communication, the note should contain a brief summary of what was discussed and a brief explanation for any changes reflected in the registration record. The note should identify the date that the information was provided and the name of the party that the individual represents (if any). If the relationship between the individual and the party is clear from the information

provided in the application, the name of the party may be omitted from the note.

A note should document any amendments made to the registration record, and is imperative when the amendment appears to be questionable on its face, but is clearly justified by the information provided in the telephone conversation. The U.S. Copyright Office will retain any such note in the registration record, and the record will indicate that there is correspondence in the file.

In some situations the specialist may ask for written confirmation authorizing the Office to make a change to the registration record, either by email, fax, or letter. The Office will retain this written confirmation, and the registration record will show that there is correspondence in the file.

If the specialist leaves a message on the applicant’s voicemail or answering machine, but does not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time, the specialist will call again or will follow up with a written communication.

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