Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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605.3 (D) Communication from the U.S. Copyright Office May Address Multiple Issues

605.3 (D) Communication from the U.S. Copyright Office May Address Multiple Issues

As a general rule, when the registration specialist communicates with the applicant, he or she may identify all of the issues involving the application or the other registration materials, even if those issues standing alone would not normally prompt a communication from the U.S. Copyright Office. In some cases, multiple communications from the specialist may be required. The fact that the specialist did not mention a particular issue in his or her initial communication does not prevent that specialist or another specialist from raising that issue or other issues in a subsequent communication. In some cases, the applicant’s response may resolve the issue(s) and no further communication is needed, or conversely the applicant’s response may raise other issues that may require additional communication from the specialist.

If the registration specialist discovers similar issues in multiple applications, he or she may discuss those applications in a single communication, instead of issuing a separate communication for each one.

If there are numerous variances in the registration materials, the specialist may simply return the claim to the applicant, provide links to the Compendium or other informational materials, and instruct the applicant to correct and resubmit the claim.

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