Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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605.2 Communicating with the U.S. Copyright Office

605.2 Communicating with the U.S. Copyright Office

An applicant may communicate with the U.S. Copyright Office by any of the means described in Sections 605.2 (A) through 605.2 (C).

When providing an email address or other contact information in the online application, the applicant must ensure that this information is entered correctly. When completing a paper application, the applicant must ensure that this information is both correct and legible. In all cases, the applicant must keep this information up-to-date while the claim is pending. If there are any changes, the applicant should notify the Office by contacting the registration specialist assigned to the claim, or by contacting the Public Information Office by phone or by email using the form provided on the Office’s website.

If the applicant provides an email address in the application, the Office will use that address as the primary means for communicating with the applicant, even if the applicant also provides a telephone number, fax number, or other contact information. The Office cannot verify email addresses provided by applicants, and registration specialists do not receive an error message when they attempt to send an email to an incorrect or invalid address. Therefore, applicants must ensure that their email address has been entered correctly. If an applicant provides an inaccurate or invalid address, the file may be closed for failure to reply to a communication from the registration specialist. When a file is closed, the filing fee will not be refunded and the deposit copy(ies) will not be returned.

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