Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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604.2 Adding Comments to the Registration Record

604.2 Adding Comments to the Registration Record

An annotation may be used to add comments to the registration record. For example, the registration specialist may use an annotation to note the presence of an antedated copyright notice, to note overlapping claims, to note references to previous registrations, to note references to cover letters or other communications from the applicant, to note grants of special relief, to clarify the nature of the deposit copy(ies), or to identify uncopyrightable elements specifically claimed in the application.


• An online application is submitted for a song that was first published in 1997. In the Note to Copyright Office field the applicant explains that the CD is no longer available for sale and the applicant has only one archival copy. The applicant submits a written request for special relief from the deposit copy requirement for a published song. If the Office agrees to accept an mp3 file in lieu of the published CD, the registration specialist will add an annotation to the registration record, such as: “Regarding deposit: Special Relief granted under 37 CFR 202.20 (D).”

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