Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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602.7 General Practices Regarding Missing Information

602.7 General Practices Regarding Missing Information

Where any required information is missing from the application but is clearly provided in other registration materials, including the deposit copy(ies), an email, cover letter, Note to Copyright Office, a continuation sheet, in an application for a related work which was submitted at the same time, or in other written or oral communications with the applicant, the registration specialist may include that information in the appropriate field or space of the registration record and may annotate the registration record to indicate the source of the added information. (For a discussion of annotations, see Section 604.) If the required information is not clearly provided elsewhere in the registration materials, the registration specialist will communicate with the applicant.


• Laura Langley submits a paper application for a short story, but does not provide a Year of Completion. In a cover letter Laura explains that she has been working on the story for 15 years and that she finished it in 2011. The registration specialist will add 2011 to the Year of Completion field and register the claim with an annotation, such as: “Regarding year of completion: Added by Copyright Office from cover letter provided by applicant.”

• The Hodge Podge Press submits an online application for a 2009 trade paperback, along with two copies of the work. The application states that the work is unpublished. The registration specialist knows that the work has been distributed to the public, because she has seen the work sold in bookstores. The registration specialist will ask the applicant to provide the date and nation of first authorized publication.

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