Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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602.10 General Practices Regarding Cataloging Information

602.10 General Practices Regarding Cataloging Information

If information is missing from the application but is clearly provided elsewhere in the registration materials, the registration specialist may add that information to the online public record if it is likely that a person searching the U.S. Copyright Office’s records may use that information to locate the work.


• The Office receives an application to register a claim in “spoken text,” along with a compact disc containing a sound recording. The application names “Florence Markic” as the author of the work, but the cover of the CD identifies the author as “Irene Gregor.” The liner notes explain that Florence Markic is professionally known as Irene Gregor. The registration specialist will register the claim without communicating with the applicant, and the specialist may add the author’s professional name to the online public record as a searchable term.

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