Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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601 What This Chapter Covers


601 What This Chapter Covers


This Chapter sets forth the U.S. Copyright Office’s practices and procedures for

examining claims submitted with the Standard Application or a paper application.


This Chapter does not discuss claims that may be submitted with the Single Application. Likewise, it does not discuss (I) group registrations; (ii) renewal registrations; (iii) supplementary registrations; (iv) GATT registrations for certain foreign works; or (v) preregistrations.


For examining practices specific to the following types of works or registrations, see the following chapters:


• For literary works, see Chapter 700.


• For works of the performing arts, see Chapter 800.


• For visual arts works, see Chapter 900.


• For websites and website content, see Chapter 1000.


• For information concerning the Single Application, see Chapter 1400, Section 1405.


• For group registrations, see Chapter 1100.


• For mask works and vessel designs, see Chapter 1200 and Chapter 1300.


• For supplementary registrations, adverse claims, and other post-registration procedures, see Chapter 1800.


• For registration of certain foreign works that may be registered as “GATT” works (i.e., works that did not comply with certain formalities in U.S. law prior to March 1, 1989 or sound recordings fixed prior to February 15, 1972), see Chapter 2000, Section 2007.


• For renewal registrations, see Chapter 2100.


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