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2409.2 (D) (2) Actual Deposits

2409.2 (D) (2) Actual Deposits

The U.S. Copyright Office will certify and provide the actual deposit copy(ies) or identifying material that was submitted for registration (as opposed to certifying a reproduction of the deposit), provided that (I) the Office receives a valid order issued by a court with jurisdiction over a case in which the work is at issue, (ii) the work is to be submitted as evidence in the case, and (iii) the deposit has been under the Office’s continuous control since the date that it was received. Actual deposits will be made available upon the condition that they will be promptly returned to the custody of the Office within a specified period of time.

When certifying an actual deposit, RRCS will prepare a certified statement confirming that the content of the copy, phonorecord, or identifying material is the same as the content of the copy, phonorecord, or identifying material used in support of the registration.

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