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2409.2 (C) Registration Records


2409.2 (C) Registration Records


RRCS will certify records related to claims that have been registered or refused by the U.S. Copyright Office, including completed applications and any written communications between the applicant and the Office.


Records related to pending applications may be certified, provided that the request is submitted by the claimant named in the application or an authorized representative of the copyright claimant. This includes the application and any written communications between the applicant and the Office concerning the claim. It also includes any request for reconsideration that is currently pending before the Office.


A certification for these types of records typically contains the following information:


• A photocopy of the record specified in the request.


• A certified statement that identifies the records.


• The signature of the Register of Copyrights.


• The official seal of the U.S. Copyright Office.


• The date of the certification.


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