Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2409.2 (B) Certificates of Registration


2409.2 (B) Certificates of Registration


The original copy of a certificate of registration is a certified copy of that record, but a photocopy or other reproduction of the original certificate is not considered a certified copy.


As discussed in Section 2408, the Office will issue an additional certificate of registration to any member of the public upon request. An additional certificate of registration, like the original certificate of registration, is considered a certified copy, but a photocopy or other reproduction of an additional certificate is not.


Although a separate certification is not required for the original copy of a certificate issued by the Office, RRCS will issue a so called “double certification” for these types of records if requested to do so.


RRCS will issue a certified copy of a cancelled registration that has been cancelled by the Office, although as discussed in Section 2408, it will not issue an additional certificate for a registration that has been cancelled.


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