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2409.1 Who May Obtain Certification of U.S. Copyright Office Records?

2409.1 Who May Obtain Certification of U.S. Copyright Office Records?

Any member of the public may ask RRCS staff to certify the records discussed in Sections 2409.2 (A), 2409.2 (B), 2409.2 (E), 2409.2 (G), or 2409.2 (H).

Certain records may be certified upon request from any member of the public, including recorded documents and certain types of registration records. By contrast, records relating to pending applications or pending documents may be certified only upon request from the claimant named in a pending application, the party who executed a document that has been submitted for recordation, their duly authorized agents, or by court order. The specific types of records that may be certified and the specific parties who may request this service are discussed in Sections 2409.2 (C) and 2409.2 (F) below.

As discussed in Section 2407.1 (A), the Office may provide a certified copy of the deposit copy(ies) or identifying material for a pending application or a claim that has been registered or refused by the Office to certain parties that satisfy the conditions set forth in Section 2407.1 (D) (2).

The procedure for requesting a certification is discussed in Section 2409.3 below.

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