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2407.2 (C) How to Request an Inspection of the U.S. Copyright Office’s Recordation Records

2407.2 (C) How to Request an Inspection of the U.S. Copyright Office’s Recordation Records

This Section discusses the procedure for requesting an inspection of the Office’s recordation records. The specific persons who are authorized to inspect these records are discussed in Sections 2407.2 (A) through 2407.2 (B) (2) above. In all cases, authorized parties must present a reader registration card before they will be allowed to view or inspect any public records maintained by the Office.

Documents that have been recorded with the U.S. Copyright Office may be viewed in the Public Records Reading Room, including the certificate of recordation for each document and the document cover sheet (if any).

To inspect a pending document that has been submitted for recordation or any written communications concerning a recorded document or pending document, authorized parties should submit a written request to RRCS containing the following information:

• The party’s name and contact information.

• The date on which the party would like to inspect the materials.

• The recordation number (if any).

• The case number that has been assigned to the document (if known).

The following information (if available) may also be useful:

• The title(s) of the work(s) listed in the document.

• The name(s) of the part(ies) who executed the document(s).

• The date the document was received by the Office.

• The name of the party who paid the filing fee and the date that the fee was paid.

The request should be sent to RRCS at the address specified in Section 2403, together with the appropriate fee. For information concerning the inspection fee, see Section 2407.6.

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