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2406.2 (B) How to Request a Search

2406.2 (B) How to Request a Search

To request a search of the Office’s public records, members of the public should submit a written request to RRCS. Written requests may be submitted by email, facsimile, mail, or in person, and should be sent to the address specified in Section 2403, together with the appropriate search fee. For information concerning the search fee, see Section 2406.2 (C).

When requesting a search involving a work of authorship, members of the public should provide (I) the title of the work, (ii) the name(s) of the author(s), and (iii) the name(s) of the copyright claimant(s). The following information (if available) may also be useful:

• Variation(s) on the title of the work.

• Pseudonym(s) for the author of the work.

• The name(s) of the probable copyright owner(s).

• The approximate year when the work was created, published, and/or registered.

• A short description of the type of work (e.g., book, motion picture, stage play, screenplay, musical composition, sound recording, photograph, etc.).

• Copyright registration number(s) and the year of registration (if any).

• Any other data related to the registration.

When requesting a search involving a recorded document, members of the public should provide as much information about the document as possible. The following information (if known) may be helpful:

• The document recordation number(s).

• The title(s) of the work(s) and registration numbers listed in the document (if any).

• The name(s) of the party(ies) who executed the document(s).

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