Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2406.2 Searches Conducted by RRCS


2406.2 Searches Conducted by RRCS


Upon request and for a fee, RRCS staff will conduct a search of the Office’s public records and will prepare a written report concerning the information disclosed in any particular deposits, registrations, or recorded documents. As discussed in Section 2409.2 (A), search reports prepared by the Office may be certified upon request. The Office’s fees for these services are discussed in Sections 2406.2 (C) and 2409.4 below.


When conducting a search, RRCS staff may consult registrations, renewals, and recorded documents, pending applications and requests for recordation, or other pertinent records maintained by the Office.


The procedure for requesting a search of the Office’s records is discussed in Section 2406.2 (B) below.


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