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2401 What This Chapter Covers

2401 What This Chapter Covers

This Chapter discusses the practices and procedures for searching, retrieving, viewing, inspecting, copying, and certifying certain public records that are maintained by the U.S. Copyright Office. It also discusses other services provided by the Office, such as issuing additional certificates of registration and arranging for the full-term retention of deposits.

This Chapter does not discuss the Office’s policies or procedures for responding to requests submitted under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). For information concerning FOIA requests, see the Office’s FOIA webpage.

For information concerning the practices and procedures for recording a transfer of copyright ownership or other documents pertaining to copyright, see Chapter 2300.

For information concerning services provided by the Licensing Division, including searching, copying, and certifying records related to the compulsory and statutory licenses, see the Licensing Division’s webpage.

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