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2310.7 (C) The Signature Requirement

2310.7 (C) The Signature Requirement

A notice of termination may be recorded, provided that it contains the actual signature or a reproduction of the actual signature of the person or persons who signed the notice.

The Office will record a legible photocopy or other legible facsimile reproduction of a signed notice. In such cases, there is no need to submit a sworn certification or an official certification stating that the reproduction is a true copy of the signed notice. Likewise, a signed notice may be recorded, regardless of whether the signature(s) have been verified by a notary public or a certificate of acknowledgment.

Notices that have not been signed will be returned to the remitter. If the remitter subsequently submits a signed copy of the notice, the recordation specialist may record the document if the requirements set forth in Section 2310.7 have been met. The date of recordation will be based on the date that the signed notice was received by the Office.

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