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2310.6 How to Record a Notice of Termination

2310.6 How to Record a Notice of Termination

Any person may record a notice of termination with the U.S. Copyright Office, provided that the grant is eligible for termination under Sections 203, 304 (C), or 304 (D) of the Copyright Act, and provided that he or she complies with the recordation requirements set forth in Sections 2310.7. The person who submits a notice for recordation is known as the “remitter.”

The remitter should submit a signed copy of the notice to the following address together with the appropriate filing fee:

U.S. Copyright Office Notices of Termination

P.O. Box 71537

Washington, DC 20024-1537

For information concerning the procedure for calculating the filing fee, see Section 2310.7 (D).

In the alternative, the notice and the filing fee may be delivered by hand to the Public Information Office at the address specified in Chapter 200, Section 204.1 (B) (3). The Public Information Office will provide the remitter with a date-stamped receipt that lists the title of no more than one of the works listed in the notice.

Submitting the notice to any other address may result in substantial delays in the receipt and examination of the notice. If the notice does not comply with the statutory or regulatory requirements, the remitter may be required to resubmit the notice or may be required to serve another notice on the grantee. This will change the date of recordation, and in some cases, it may prevent the remitter from recording the notice in a timely manner. Because a delay in examination may have serious consequences, remitters should send the notice and the filing fee to the appropriate address in all cases.

NOTE: The remitter should not submit a notice of termination with Form DCS. As discussed in Sections 2309.7 and 2309.12, Form DCS should only be used if the remitter intends to record a transfer of copyright ownership or other document pertaining to copyright.

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