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2310.4 (D) (1) (C) Naming the Author and His or Her Heirs

2310.4 (D) (1) (C) Naming the Author and His or Her Heirs

Parties are encouraged to provide the name of at least one author of the work(s) listed in the notice of termination, because this information may be useful in identifying the work(s) to which the notice applies.

As discussed in Section 2310.4 (B) (1), a grant may be terminated under Section 304 by any of the granting authors, or that author’s surviving heirs, to the extent of that author’s share of the copyright. For this reason, there is no need to identify all the authors of the work or to demonstrate unanimity, majority interest, or the like, among granting co-authors.

Likewise, when issuing a notice of termination on behalf of an author who is deceased, there is no need to provide information as to other, non-terminating, surviving authors or the surviving heirs of other deceased authors.

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