Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2309.9 The Completeness Requirement


2309.9 The Completeness Requirement


A transfer or other document pertaining to copyright may be recorded, provided that the document is complete by its own terms. A document is considered complete by its own terms if it is submitted for recordation together with any exhibit, schedule, appendix, addendum, or similar attachment that is referenced in the document.


If the document appears to be incomplete, the recordation specialist may communicate with the remitter or may refuse to record the document.




• An assignment of copyright is submitted with an attachment titled “Schedule A.” The first sentence of the assignment reads: “The assignor hereby assigns the copyright in the musical composition(s) listed in Schedule A to this Assignment to the Assignee.” The recordation specialist will record the assignment and the attachment thereto without communicating with the remitter.


• A publishing agreement is submitted together with three attachments titled “Exhibit A: Assignment,” “Exhibit B: Bill of Sale,” “Exhibit C: Servicing Agreement.” Each attachment appears to be a self-contained part of the publishing agreement. The recordation specialist will record the publishing agreement together with the attachments thereto without communicating with the remitter.


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