Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2309.8 The Legibility Requirement


2309.8 The Legibility Requirement


A transfer or other document pertaining to copyright may be recorded, provided that the document is legible and is capable of being imaged or otherwise reproduced in legible copies using the technology employed by the U.S. Copyright Office.


A document should be submitted in a visually perceptible form, it should be sufficiently legible for the recordation specialist to examine and index the contents of that document, and it should be sufficiently legible for the Office to scan the document into the public record. To facilitate the imaging process, documents and any attachments thereto should be 8 ¬Ω by 11 inches in size, and the pages should be clipped together rather than stapled.


If the document is illegible or if it cannot be legibly reproduced by the Office, the recordation specialist may communicate with the remitter or may refuse to record the document.


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