Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2309.13 (A) (4) The “Registration Number(s)” Column


2309.13 (A) (4) The “Registration Number(s)” Column


In the fourth column the remitter should include any copyright registration numbers that are listed in the document. If there are multiple registration numbers for a particular work, the remitter should place a comma between each number.


Regardless of how they appear in the document, the remitter should use the following format when providing registration numbers in an electronic title list:


• Each registration number should begin with a prefix. The prefix should contain one, two, or three letters, such as E, EU, SR, or VAU. The prefix should be presented in capital letters (as in “PAU” rather than “PAu” or “pau”) and there should be no spaces, hyphens, or other punctuation between the letters.


• Each registration number should contain twelve characters, including the prefix and the numbers that follow. If a registration number contains less than twelve characters, the remitter should insert zeroes between the prefix and the numeric portion of that registration number. For example, if the document contains registration number “SR-320-918,” that number should be transcribed in the fourth column as “SR0000320918.” If the document contains registration number “VAu- 598-764,” that number should be transcribed in the fourth column as “VAU000598764.” For additional examples that illustrate the proper format for transcribing registration numbers, see Section 2306.4.


• NOTE: As discussed in Section 2309.13 (A), the remitter should include the “Registration Number(s)” column in the table, even if the document does not identify the registration numbers for the works listed therein.


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