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2309.13 (A) (3) The “Authorship Information” Column

2309.13 (A) (3) The “Authorship Information” Column

In the third column the remitter should provide the names of the authors who are listed in the document. In each case, the entry should include the word “By” followed by the name of the author or co-authors of the work, as in “By Steven Sondheim” or “By Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, and Bj√ɬ∂rn Ulvaeus.”

If an author is identified in the document with a designation such as “performer known as,” “also known as,” or the like, the remitter should include that designation in the “Authorship Information” column, as in “By Gerald Sheldon Herman, also known as Jerry Herman.”

If the document contains an abbreviated designation – ” such as a.k.a. (also known as), d/b/a (doing business as), or the like – ” the remitter should include that abbreviation in the third column without punctuation between the letters, as in “By Ella Yelich- O’Connor pka Lorde,” rather than “By Ella Yelich-O’Connor p/k/a Lorde.”

NOTE: As discussed in Section 2309.13 (A), the remitter should include the “Authorship Information” column in the table, even if the document does not identify the authors of the works listed therein.

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