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2309.13 (A) Preparing the Electronic Title List

2309.13 (A) Preparing the Electronic Title List

To prepare an electronic title list, the remitter should create a table that contains a complete list of all the titles listed in the document. The title of each work should be provided in a separate row of the table, and the titles should be listed in the same order that they appear in the document. If the document lists the author of a particular work and/or the registration number for that work, the remitter should include that information in the table.

The table must be submitted in Excel (.xls) format or an equivalent electronic format that has been approved by the Office, and should contain only letters, numbers, or other printable characters that appear in the ASCII 128 character set.

The remitter should divide the table into four columns with headings from left to right entitled “Article,” “Title,” “Authorship Information,” and “Registration Number(s).” The remitter should complete each column using the procedures described in Sections 2309.13 (A) (1) through 2309.13 (A) (4).

The remitter should include all four columns in the table, even if the remitter does not intend to enter information in one or more of those columns. For example, the remitter should include a column entitled “Authorship Information” even if the document does not identify the author of each work and should include a column entitled “Registration Number(s)” even if the works have not been registered with the Office.

The remitter should not provide the title, author, or registration number for a particular work unless that information is listed in the actual document or the attachments thereto. For example, if the document merely lists the title for a particular work, the remitter should include that information in the “Title” column but should not include the name of the author or the registration number in the columns titled “Authorship Information” and “Registration Number(s).” Instead, those columns should be left blank.

If the remitter fails to comply with these requirements the Office may communicate with the remitter or may refuse to accept the electronic title list. This will delay the examination of the document, which in turn, will delay the issuance of the certificate of recordation.

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