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2309.12 (D) Submitting the Document and Form DCS

2309.12 (D) Submitting the Document and Form DCS

The remitter should prepare two copies of Form DCS for each transfer of ownership or other document pertaining to copyright that will be submitted for recordation. One copy will be used to image the form for the public record while the other copy may be used to create a return receipt for the remitter.

The remitter should place the document, the filing fee, and the forms in the same envelope or package and should mail them to the address specified in Section 2309.6. If the remitter intends to submit an electronic title list, then as discussed in Section 2309.13 (B), the remitter should include that item in the envelope or package that contains the rest of the submission. If the remitter would like to receive a return receipt confirming that the Office received the submission, then as discussed in Section 2309.14, the remitter should check box 4 of Form DCS and should include a self-addressed postage-paid envelope with the submission.

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