Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2306.2 Indexing Guidelines


2306.2 Indexing Guidelines


As a general rule, the recordation specialist will index a document using the information that appears in the document itself and any schedule, exhibit, appendix, or other attachments thereto. However, if the remitter submits a document together with an electronic title list, the specialist will index the titles and registration numbers (if any) using the information provided in that list.


When indexing a document, the specialist will not include information from any other source, such as a document cover sheet or an oral or written communication with the Office. Therefore, parties, titles, or other pertinent information should clearly be identified in the document itself, any attachments to that document, and in the electronic title list for that document (if any).


As a general rule, the specialist will not attempt to verify any of the information that appears in a document, except for the number of titles listed therein. Ordinarily, the specialist will transcribe titles, parties, dates of execution, and the like without verifying the accuracy of that information.


If the document contains minor but obvious typographical errors in the names or titles listed in the document, the specialist may index the document under the correct name or title.




• A document containing the title “Great Russiand Short Stories” may be indexed as “Great Russian Short Stories.”


• A document naming “Docter Michael Du Barry” as a party to the transaction may be indexed as “Doctor Michael Du Barry.”


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