Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2306.1 The Online Public Record


2306.1 The Online Public Record


The online public record for a recorded document typically contains the following information:


• A brief statement identifying the type of document that has been recorded (e.g., assignment, exclusive license, memorandum of publishing rights agreement, etc.).


• The identifying number that has been assigned to the document (e.g., V3487 D777 P1).


• The date of recordation.


• The name(s) of the parties listed in the document.


• The title(s) of the work(s) listed in the document (if any).


• The registration number(s) for those work(s) (if they were listed in the document).


• The date of execution specified in the document (if any).


In some cases, the online public record may contain additional information. For example, if the recordation specialist used an electronic title list to index the document, he or she will include a note to that effect in the record. When indexing a notice of termination the specialist may indicate whether the grant was terminated under Sections 203, 304 (C), or 304 (D) of the Copyright Act or whether the notice involves a “gap grant.” The specialist also may include the effective date of termination specified in the notice, and the date and manner of service specified in the notice.


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