Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2209.1 General and Specific Notice


2209.1 General and Specific Notice


A general notice is a notice that contains the elements listed in Sections 2204.1 or 2204.2 (e.g., ¬© 1981 John Doe). A specific notice is a notice that identifies the portions or features of the work that belong to the copyright owner (e.g., “Introduction and illustrations ¬© 1981 Popular Publishing Co.” or “Arrangement ¬© 1981 Newstyle Music Co.”).


A general notice may be used on a work of authorship, even if the claim is limited to a specific portion of that work, such as the introduction to a biography or the new material that appears in the second edition of a textbook.


If the work contains a specific notice that identifies specific aspects of the work, the registration specialist may communicate with the applicant if those aspects are not reflected in the application or if the claim is unclear.


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