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2207.9 Works Published in Machine-Readable Copies

2207.9 Works Published in Machine-Readable Copies

For works published in machine readable copies, such as semiconductor chips, optical discs, magnetic tapes, or similar storage media that cannot ordinarily be perceived without the aid of a machine or device, a notice may be acceptable if it appears in the following manner:

• The notice is embodied in visually perceptible printouts of the work, provided that it appears either with or near the title or at the end of the work.

• The notice is displayed at the user’s terminal at sign-on.

• The notice continuously appears on a terminal display.

• The legible notice is reproduced durably, so as to withstand normal use, on a gummed or other label securely affixed to the copies or to a box, reel, cartridge, cassette, or other container used as a permanent receptacle for the copies.

37 C.F.R. § 202.2 (C) (7).

NOTE: Works that require the use of a machine or device to optically enlarge the work, such as films, filmstrips, and works published in any variety of microfilm, are not considered machine-readable works.

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