Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2205.2 (C) Owner Named in the Notice

2205.2 (C) Owner Named in the Notice

For purposes of notice, the copyright owner is the “claimant” or proprietor of all rights at the time the work was published. For purposes of registration, the copyright claimant must be (I) the author of the work or (ii) a person or organization that has obtained all the exclusive rights of copyright that initially belonged to the author.

In most cases, the name provided in the application will be the same as the name that appears in the notice. In some cases, the claimant named in the application and the copyright owner named in the notice may be different. Both names may be correct, provided that the copyright was assigned to the copyright claimant between the date that the work was first published and the date that the application was submitted to the

U.S. Copyright Office. In such situations, a transfer statement must be provided in the application.

If the claimant named in the application does not appear to be the author or owner of all

U.S. rights in the work based on information provided elsewhere in the registration materials or obtained from other sources, the specialist will communicate with the applicant to resolve any inconsistency between the name provided in the application and the name in the notice.

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