Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2139 Recordation

2139 Recordation

With regard to renewal registration, documents may be recorded to support or provide proof of facts for a renewal claim or a supplementary registration, or to document life events, or to provide a public record of copyright assignments or other legal documents pertaining to the renewal copyright. Generally, a recorded document is not cross- referenced with a renewal registration record. However, a reference to a recorded document will be added to a certificate of renewal registration and to the renewal registration record when it provides support for the facts, or when the original registration record referred to the recorded document.

When supplementary registration is not possible or appropriate (such as, when the author facts stated in an original registration record are disputed, or the renewal copyright is transferred after the effective date of renewal registration), recordation may be the most appropriate means of providing information in the public record regarding a work or its renewal copyright.

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