Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2136 Multiple Renewal Claims, Including Duplicate Claims

2136 Multiple Renewal Claims, Including Duplicate Claims

Once a renewal registration is made in a work, registration of a later claim will depend on whether that claim provides additional ownership information for the renewal term that appears on its face to be valid. Generally, the U.S. Copyright Office will register a renewal claim that identifies at least one vested owner who is not identified as such in the renewal registration records for that work. The Office will not knowingly register a duplicate renewal claim, i.e., a renewal claim that identifies the same vested owner on the same statutory basis as an earlier renewal registration record for the same work.

When a renewal claim is filed to identify the current owner of the renewal copyright who derived that right directly or indirectly from a party already identified as a statutory renewal claimant or vested owner in a renewal registration record, the Office will refuse renewal registration and will suggest recordation to show the change of ownership, unless the renewal claim is adverse to another renewal claim that is pending or already entered into the registration record. For a discussion of adverse renewal claims, see Section 2137.

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