Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2134 New or Different Information from the Original Registration Record

2134 New or Different Information from the Original Registration Record

Generally, when a renewal claim is based on an original registration record, it should reflect the facts given in that record. However, the U.S. Copyright Office may register renewal claims that contain facts not stated in the original registration record when such facts make the renewal registration record more useful or accurate. When a renewal claim provides information that is different from information in the original registration record, the applicant must provide supporting documentation, and recordation may be required. For information regarding uncorrected original registration records, see Section 2130.

When the statutory basis of a renewal claim is inconsistent with the author facts in the original registration record, the Office will advise the renewal applicant of the inconsistency and inquire about the circumstances under which the work was created. If the basis of the renewal claim indicates that the work is a proprietary work, the Office will request information to verify that the requirements to claim the renewal copyright under one of these exceptions are met. If the renewal claim is adverse to a renewal claim in process or a renewal registration already on the record, see Section 2137.

NOTE: The Office will refuse to register a renewal claim that is based on, or contains, new information that calls into question the term of copyright or the validity of the original registration record. It may also refuse to register a renewal claim with information that cannot be supported or, in some cases verified by a knowledgeable source, or appears on its face to be implausible.

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