Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2127 Contributions to Periodicals, Published Collections, and Other Larger Works

2127 Contributions to Periodicals, Published Collections, and Other Larger Works

The Copyright Act of 1909 provided for original registration of contributions by individual authors to periodicals, and renewal registration of contributions to periodicals, encyclopedic, or other composite works. Copyright Act of 1909, Pub. L. No. 60-349, §§ 12, 23, 35 Stat. 1075, 1078, 1080 (1909). The U.S. Copyright Office has expanded the scope of this provision with regard to renewal registration to include:

• Contributions by individual authors to published collections;

• Separate works and elements of authorship first published in other types of larger works; and

• Contributions that were created as works made for hire.

When a contribution or separate work or element of authorship was first published with its own separate copyright notice, it must be registered separately for the renewal term, even when it was registered for the original term together with the collection or as part of the larger work. For information regarding uncorrected original registration records, see Section 2130.

NOTE: Separate registration for a contribution to a joint or other unitary work is not possible, even when the contribution is separable from the work as a whole, unless the contribution was registered separately for the original term, or the unitary work as first published bore a separate copyright notice for the contribution. If the contributor is an author of the unitary work, a renewal claim may be registered in the unitary work as a whole, but not in that author’s contribution, separate from the work as a whole.

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