Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2125 Unpublished Collections

2125 Unpublished Collections

The provision for original term registration of a collection of unpublished material as a single work affects renewal registration for works of visual and performing arts, and certain literary works prepared for oral delivery, such as lectures, addresses, and interviews.28

28 Section 12 of the Copyright Act of 1909 provided for registration of certain classes of works in unpublished form. Pub. L. No. 60-349, § 12, 35 Stat. 1075, 1078 (1909). By Office practice, such

A renewal registration based on an original registration record for an unpublished collection may cover one, some, or all of the works contained in the collection.

An applicant may file a renewal claim for the entire collection, even if it includes works by different authors. Alternatively, an applicant may submit separate renewal claims for each work within the collection if the original registration record includes the titles of each work.

When some works are owned separately for the renewal term, separate renewal claims should be filed to clarify the author and owner information for the renewal term.

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