Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2124.3 Manufacturing Requirements

2124.3 Manufacturing Requirements

To comply with the manufacturing clause, all text had to be typeset and printed from plates made within the United States, or produced by lithographic or photoengraving processes wholly performed within the United States. If a book was first printed from type set abroad and the pages printed abroad were then reproduced in the United States by offset or other lithographic process, such reproduction may be considered to comply fully with the requirement. All binding processes, if any, had to be performed in the United States.

All illustrations and photographs within such works, as well as separate lithographs or photoengravings (aside from when the subjects represented are located abroad and illustrate a scientific work or reproduce an artistic work) reproduced by lithographic or photoengraving processes had to be wholly manufactured in the United States.

If a published collection was partially manufactured in the United States (including the binding, if any) renewal registration may be possible for the contributions manufactured in the United States.

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